Education in Ergonomics

The ErgoU provides education in Ergonomics both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Furthermore, individual members of the ErgoU participate in training seminars, summer schools etc.

» Undergraduate Education

The undergraduate education is provided to the students of the School of Mechanical Engineering, through two courses. These courses provide basic ergonomic knowledge, comprising the following topics:

Every year, about 6 students of the School of Mechanical Engineering chose to make a project in Ergonomics, for their diploma thesis. These are non funded projects lasting approximately 6 months. The majority of these projects deal with problems of Greek industries, requiring ergonomic intervention. These projects permit to spread the application of ergonomic knowledge in our country, and at the same time to enrich the experiences of the members of the ErgoU.

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» Postgraduate Education

Postgraduate education is provided either to students preparing PhD in Ergonomics, or for other postgraduate programs (e.g. Athens MBA, program for Occupational Medicine) and the continuous education of engineers. These courses or seminars deal with specific areas of Ergonomics, such as:

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