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Sotiria Drivalou is a PhD candidate at the Ergonomics Unit of the School of Mechanical Engineering, at the National Technical University of Athens. She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Crete. Her diploma thesis was carried out in the expert systems domain, where she studied the effectiveness of inductive machine leaning techniques for assisting medical diagnosis of cephalalgia. Sotiria is currently preparing her doctoral thesis in the field of cognitive systems engineering. The thesis attempts to meet the theoretical and pragmatic challenges that emerge from the application of Ecological Interface Design to complex socio-technical systems, like the electricity distribution systems. Sotiria's scientific interests include interdisciplinary systems engineering, field study methods, theories of cognition and collaboration for distributed decision making environments, macroergonomics, cognitive work analysis for systems design and development, and participatory design. Research interests focus on information systems engineering and on work tools design for complex socio-technical systems. Related interests concern physical, cognitive, aesthetic and contextual aspects of product design, as well as innovative product design from recycled and reused materials.
Telephone:+30 210 772 2362

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Drivalou, S. (2005). Supporting Critical Operational Conditions in an Electricity Distribution Control Room through Ecological Interfaces. Proceedings of EACE 2005, pp. 255-262, 29 September- 1 October, Chania, Crete, Greece

Marmaras, N. & Drivalou, S. (2005). Design and Evaluation of Ecological Interfaces. "THALES Basic Research Program" - Project Results Demonstration, June 1-3, NTUA, Athens, Greece. ( Also: Marmaras, N. & Drivalou, S. (2004). Design and Evaluation of Ecological Interfaces. Final Report, Pr. No. 65/1192, "THALES Basic Research Program", Athens, Greece (in Greek) )

Drivalou, S. & Marmaras, N. (2005). Designing Ecological Interfaces for the Supervision and Control of Electricity Distribution Networks. Proceedings of the 1st Panhellenic Conference of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, 28-30 March, Athens (in Greek)

Drivalou, S. & Marmaras N. (2003). Tracing Interface Design Solutions for an Electricity Distribution Network Control System using the Abstraction Hierarchy. Proceedings of the International Ergonomics Association XVth Triennial Congress, August 24-29, Seoul, Korea.

Dounias, G., Drivalou, S., Moustakis, V. & Nikolakaki, E. (1998). Medical Diagnosis of Cephalalgia using Inductive Machine Learning. Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making, 25-28 October, Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. (Also published in Medical Decision Making Journal, 1998 Annual Meeting Abstracts, Volume18, Number 4, Nov-Dec).

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Sotiria speaks Greek (native tangue), English (fluent) and German (fluent).

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